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Labour Hire Dandenong

As most of us Melbournians know Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, approximately 30 km south east from the Melbourne CBD. It also one of the busiest manufacturing hubs thats why First Personnel provide Dandenong  labour hire services. First Personnel always have quality and reliable staff on hand in the area ready to provide a hassle free recruitment service. If your a company in Dandenong, Clayton or surrounding area and needing staff we would love to hear from you.

At First Personnel we work closely with our clients to fulfil their staffing needs. We employ consultants with industry specific knowledge to assist you in the recruiting and candidate selection. We Supply for both short and long term assignments and also permanent and full time staff.

Our labour hire services

Transport and Logistics
Executive / Management
Food Processing and FMCG

Why Choose Us ?

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First Personnel is not just about putting the “right people in the right job”. First Personnel is about building long standing partnerships with respected clients. Like any good partner, the advancement of all involved is our ultimate objective. First Personnel can help companies with their personnel needs.Our competence stems from a wealth of experience gained by being intimately involved with businesses great and small. When trying to understand what First Personnel can do for you, consider the following:


The Majority of clients attempting their own recruitment directly will have higher daily priorities than recruiting potential candidates. At First personnel, we have no higher daily priorities.It is our occupation and we love it!

Best Possible Candidates

Even if there are more candidates than available jobs, it does not necessarily mean that the best possible candidates will be flooding your online ads with responses. First Personnel leverages MANY resources, such as our network, social media, ads, and colleagues, to name a few. That’s how we are able to present you with the best available candidates that wouldn’t ordinarily apply.

Time Saving

Outsourcing your labour hire/recruitment allows you to focus on your business. Most people underestimate how long it takes to find the right candidate to fill a particular role.It is not uncommon to take up to 6 months or more going through multiple candidates. You need to work out how much your time is worth vs. Labour Hire / Recruitment agency fees.