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Jobseekers! Be LinkedIn or Miss Out: It’s That Simple.

Five years ago, the validity of LinkedIn in a jobseekers journey was still something of an ‘optional extra’ in every candidate’s toolkit. The debate was still warm as to whether you really needed to be an active and open user of the platform if you were serious about finding a great role in your line […]


LinkedIn Profiles: Is Yours Talking You Up?

On the back of our last blog about the foothold LinkedIn has in a modern jobseeking journey, we talked about how LinkedIn played a vital role for recruiters, jobseekers and employers alike. Having established that the function of LinkedIn is to provide insight into your professional capacity, where skills, accomplishments, current projects and ambition are […]

Finding Dream Job

A Matter of Time: Why Experience Won’t Always Get You a Dream Job.

When we think about landing the role you’d be crossing your fingers and toes for, usually the first thing a job seeker starts sweating over is: “Have I really got what it takes for this job?” Experience is a slippery beast. It can come as a shock to find out that experience doesn’t always equal […]

The Big DON’Ts of Interviewing

The Big DON’Ts of Interviewing

When you’ve found a position you really want, previous experience as an interviewee can become a distant memory, so don’t expect any interview to go ‘as planned’. If you know you’re prone to come undone under pressure, you don’t need to pretend your way around it. What is most important when nerves strike, is that […]

The Big DO’s of Interviewing

The Big DO’s of Interviewing

For every person who can be calm as still water and breeze through interviewing conditions at any given time, there are many who fall victim to nerves and struggle to keep their cool. It goes without saying that the right preparation makes all the difference. In this double blog, we’ll cross over the big Interview […]

Engaging your Workplace - three key areas to improve

Engaging Your Workplace – Three Key Areas to Improve

With technology enabling strengthened forms of communication, the modern workplace is a constantly evolving beast. What we once thought of as a workspace has seen a rapid transformation – yet even with all these reinforcements of flexibility, creativity and the possibility of an on the go office, we still see teams that could be better motivated in the […]

Part two How to navigate the probation Period

Part Two: How to Navigate the Probation Period

Following up on our previous post about the important of staying upright and attentive during the probation period, we continue the discussion with three further rules that can help you navigate those three months with success.  As we were saying, it’s normal to feel edgy about a probation period, but there are certainly ways to […]

Part One: How to navigate a probation period

Part One: How to Navigate the Probation Period

Ah, the probation period. It can be a very vulnerable time for an eager to please new employee. It’s a time where your focus should be on understanding the role, getting to know your work family and finding out if you can comfortably work in the role you’ve taken on. Basically, it’s a chance for both […]

Submit Video CV

Need To Submit A Video CV? Read This First.

Video resumes are becoming increasingly common. While they won’t take the place of a standard CV, it’s likely that they’ll only become more and more popular as technology steers the job hunting vehicle. So, what do you need to know when your dream job hangs in the balance of a great video application? We lay […]

first personnal 150x113 - Have You Recently Leapt On Board With A Recruitment Agency?

Have You Recently Leapt On Board With A Recruitment Agency?

Job hunting can be a brutal world. For the most part, it’s highly competitive, and when it’s not fast paced it can be painfully slow moving. Every job seeker learns at some point that there’s only one way to win, and that’s to make your job seeking adventure count. A great job agency is on […]

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