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Recruitment agency social media marketing

Recruitment agencies – how to avoid social recruiting mistakes

Some recruitment agencies get ahead of themselves, get intimidated or simply overwhelmed with the volume of wrong job seekers when it comes advertising labour hire jobs on social media. So this month we thought we would get back to social media recruitment  basics: Successful social media recruiting takes planning and time.  So let’s get started! […]

Employer Brand

How to Develop an Improved Employer Branding

Employer branding is a strategy that is becoming more important to Company owners, recruitment and marketing leaders. In fact a third of them are looking to develop a global employer brand in the  future. Top company officials are now thinking that the employer brand is the responsibility of the CEO or the marketing team rather […]

Job seekers

Creating Job Posts For Job Seekers That Reflect Your Company

An increase in the number of  job seekers said they want to know and hear details on what makes a company “an attractive place to work.” This is even more important than knowing about the compensation and benefit that a company offers. This is a clear hint on what recruitment agencies should capitalise on. Even […]

the simple mindset shift elite athletes

The Simple Mindset Shift Elite Athletes Use in High-Stress Situations to Calm Their Nerves

Channel your inner athlete. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you before a big event or presentation. Your hands get clammy. Your heart is beating so loudly, you feel like everyone can hear it. You try to take deep breaths. Whether before a big presentation, dream job interview, or another pivotal moment in your career, nerves […]

Job seekers employment opportunities

The fastest way to get back into the workforce for job seekers

Are you a job seeker looking for employment? Millions of people across the country are in the same situation you are. You have been out of the workforce for sometime, and now you want to get back in.  Perhaps you spent your time taking care of a child or a sick loved one. Maybe you were recovering […]

Labour hire in Melbourne

Christmas is coming! How to keep up with demand

Labour Hire Melbourne The holiday season is the time to hire more staff and the best way to do that is to choose the services of a labour hire agency. Many companies and manufacturers in Melbourne do not get to close their doors during Christmas and New Year’s as it is one of the busiest […]


Jobseekers! Be LinkedIn or Miss Out: It’s That Simple.

Five years ago, the validity of LinkedIn in a jobseekers journey was still something of an ‘optional extra’ in every candidate’s toolkit. The debate was still warm as to whether you really needed to be an active and open user of the platform if you were serious about finding a great role in your line […]


LinkedIn Profiles: Is Yours Talking You Up?

On the back of our last blog about the foothold LinkedIn has in a modern jobseeking journey, we talked about how LinkedIn played a vital role for recruiters, jobseekers and employers alike. Having established that the function of LinkedIn is to provide insight into your professional capacity, where skills, accomplishments, current projects and ambition are […]

Finding Dream Job

A Matter of Time: Why Experience Won’t Always Get You a Dream Job.

When we think about landing the role you’d be crossing your fingers and toes for, usually the first thing a job seeker starts sweating over is: “Have I really got what it takes for this job?” Experience is a slippery beast. It can come as a shock to find out that experience doesn’t always equal […]

The Big DON’Ts of Interviewing

The Big DON’Ts of Interviewing

When you’ve found a position you really want, previous experience as an interviewee can become a distant memory, so don’t expect any interview to go ‘as planned’. If you know you’re prone to come undone under pressure, you don’t need to pretend your way around it. What is most important when nerves strike, is that […]

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