Your Complete Guide to Employee Screening

Employees are the very core of any organization and are responsible for the success as well the failure of the business. Hence, picking up the right candidates from the pool of applicants is a true challenge for the HR departments of today. The confusion has increased with the increasing number of fraudulent applicants. First Personnel has come up with promising solutions to release you from these hitches and to make you acquire the right candidates with veritable backgrounds and desired potentials.

Employee Screening: A Must

Candidates with criminal backgrounds pose a severe threat to the reputation as well as the confidential issues of the organization. Here’s a quick guide to help you conduct a vigilant and effective screening process:

Specify Background Check in Advertisement

It’s wise to mention the background check criterion in the recruitment advertisement. Making the candidates aware of thorough screening process to be conducted, immediately cuts off a considerable percentage of applications and saves your time and efforts of going through useless CVs.

Check all References

Talk to the references provided by the candidate. It is but obvious that the candidate will provide only those references who will talk in his or her favour. However, 100% positive responses do provide some assurance of the candidate’s talents and relations in the work field.

Investigate Gaps

Any loophole noticed requires you to go to the root of it. Find out authentic answers to why and what for any pause between two jobs. Prolonged gap between two careers raises doubts associated with the candidate’s potentials.

Use Social Media

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the same. First Personnel strongly recommends screening of candidates by penetrating into their personal lives by using social networking channels. This increases the transparency level of the candidates’ profiles.

Read the Candidate’s Intentions

Consider yourself to be a Visa interview officer. You should be able to read the applicant. While screening a candidate check his or her confidence and intentions by asking certain questions which he or she may not be prepared for. The more are the spontaneous replies the better is your judgement about the interviewee.

Cross Check all Facts

Do not let fraudulent candidates fool you by entering false information in their CVs or by manipulating the facts. At First Personnel, each and every fact stated by the applicant is thoroughly verified and cross checked to encourage 0% falsification.

Scrutinize Past Records

Studying an applicant’s history is vital to get the true picture of the candidate. An applicant associated with any criminal record, confidentiality theft or fraudulent conduct in the past is considered to be blacklisted and hence should be straightaway rejected.

Ask for Evidences

Everything mentioned in the CV should be accompanied with a proof. For instance, educational details should be supported with mark sheets and certificates, job specifications should be backed by joining letters, pay structures should be accompanied with salary slips and so on. Ask for original documents at the time of final check.