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The fastest way to get back into the workforce for job seekers

Are you a job seeker looking for employment? Millions of people across the country are in the same situation you are. You have been out of the workforce for sometime, and now you want to get back in.  Perhaps you spent your time taking care of a child or a sick loved one. Maybe you were recovering […]

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LinkedIn Profiles: Is Yours Talking You Up?

On the back of our last blog about the foothold LinkedIn has in a modern jobseeking journey, we talked about how LinkedIn played a vital role for recruiters, jobseekers and employers alike. Having established that the function of LinkedIn is to provide insight into your professional capacity, where skills, accomplishments, current projects and ambition are […]

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part two navigate probation period

Part Two: How to Navigate the Probation Period

Following up on our previous post about the important of staying upright and attentive during the probation period, we continue the discussion with three further rules that can help you navigate those three months with success.  As we were saying, it’s normal to feel edgy about a probation period, but there are certainly ways to […]

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Part One Navigate Probation Period

Part One: How to Navigate the Probation Period

Ah, the probation period. It can be a very vulnerable time for an eager to please new employee. It’s a time where your focus should be on understanding the role, getting to know your work family and finding out if you can comfortably work in the role you’ve taken on. Basically, it’s a chance for both […]

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Benefits of Hiring Mature Candidates

What Employers Really Want From Graduates

Last week, we brought you a blog post about the benefits of hiring mature candidates. This week, we’re focusing on new graduates. Graduates bring a whole new set of skills in comparison with older applicants, so employers expect different things from them when they take them on board. No matter what you studied, college and […]

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Cant Get Interview

Why You Can’t Get an Interview

Feel like you’re applying to job after job and getting nowhere? If your job application efforts appear to be fruitless and you’re imagining your carefully crafted resume being thrown into virtual trashcans in companies all around Melbourne, there could be a simple explanation. Roughly only 2% of applicants are actually offered an interview. That means […]

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How to Conduct a Successful Interview – Steps For Employers

As a recruitment and labour hire agency, we help businesses through the initial vetting period. Our clients then make a final decision after one last interview with the shortlisted candidates. However much of the information on ‘how to’ get the most out of an interview is structured towards job seekers. Typically, a job interview should […]

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Is The Future of Work Labour Hire

Is the Future of Work – Labour Hire?

In recent years, the employment industry has undergone some significant changes across a range of businesses. From digital technology to changing patterns of employment, studies show the trends are changing. One of the major changes is the increased use of labour hire as an alternative to traditional employment contracts. Labour hire, in which recruitment agencies […]

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Three Lessons to Learn From Being Fired

Three Lessons to Learn From Being Fired.

In today’s society, a personnel will change their job on average seven times, and at least one of those times it will not be by choice. Even if the process is cloaked in terms like ‘let go’ or ‘moving on’ the sting can still feel the same. No one can tell you that is not […]

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bigstock Hiring Recruiting Interview 116990186 150x150 - How Can Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies Simplify the HR Process

How Can Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies Simplify the HR Process

One of the tasks that take up most time of any HR Department is the recruitment process. Irrespective of whether it is one or multiple vacancies to be filled, the same laborious procedure has to be followed. Not only is this time consuming, it also is a drain on expenditure. For these reasons, many companies […]

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