How Can Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies Simplify the HR Process

One of the tasks that take up most time of any HR Department is the recruitment process. Irrespective of whether it is one or multiple vacancies to be filled, the same laborious procedure has to be followed. Not only is this time consuming, it also is a drain on expenditure. For these reasons, many companies today opt to use labour hire or recruitment agencies as an added help and avoiding these problems.

How then can these agencies help you during a recruitment drive?

•    Savings in time – A lot of time and man hours is saved through outsourcing the hiring process. A normal recruitment cycle starts by placing advertisements in newspapers, sifting through the applications, short listing the eligible candidates and finally conducting interviews. Instead, contact a recruitment agency with your requirements and pre-screened, matching candidates will be sent to you for the final selection.

•    Savings in expenses – Any recruitment process is not cheap. But labour hire agencies maintain connections with newspapers for low cost advertisements and then pass this savings on to the companies recruiting companies.

•    Speed in hiring – Labour hire and recruitment companies maintain a database of job applicants. Whenever a candidate enrols with them, experienced consultants conduct initial interviews with them, evaluate their career goals and enter their name into the database. They are then matched against vacancies in companies and the most suitable candidates are sent for a final interview. This quickens the overall recruitment process.

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