Proven Tips for Hiring the Right Employees

Hiring and interview tips are not only important for job applicants, but are useful tools for employers as well. The use of effective hiring strategies will attract and bring top notch employees into your team.

One wrong hiring decision and you could end up with anew employee that’s a liability rather than an asset to your organization. Therefore, it is imperative for the employer to conduct an interview to identify the most deserving candidates.

Outlined below are effective tips for hiring the right employees:

Work on thorough screening

Don’t just go by the resume as they can sometimes be misleading.

Cross check all facts, investigate background records and talk to references. Also,check the applicants’ social media pages to discover important information left out of their resume.

A thorough preliminary screening is a must prior to shortlisting the applicant for the face to face interview. Here’s another great post on employee screening.

Understand the Job Description

Analyzing the Job Profile and checking how it matches with the candidate’s portfolio are strongly recommended to get the most proficient aspirant. Compare your requirements with the candidate’s educational stream and work experience in similar jobs.

Conduct a written test first

Before conducting the interview, make the candidate undergo a written test to find out how much they know about the job. This helps you to identify the right candidate, saving you the time and effort of interviewing completely unsuitable applicants.

Ask direct and unpredictable questions

Oftentimes, candidates come prepared with typical rehearsed answers to questions generally asked in interviews. Ask specific questions pertaining to the job opening and encourage impromptu replies to judge the candidate’s knowledge and confidence.

Encourage real demonstrations

Provide the candidate with a real scenario and a problem associated with the job responsibility. Ask him or her to provide some ideas or ways of solving it. This will help in understanding the aspirant’s true expertise in dealing with real scenarios.

Judge the soft skills

Observe the candidate’s dressing sense, body language and gestures. A formally dressed interviewee who greets warmly, sits straight, maintains eye contact and replies confidently, reflects a serious intention towards work.

Talk about personal life

While interviewing, encourage the applicant to discuss about his or her personal life such as the family background, marital status, earning members, recreational activities and so on. This helps to bring out the candidate’s real self. This also assists in discovering the candidate’s other potentials which can be useful for the company.

Be upfront with your facts

It is better to make the candidate aware of the offered salary, number of working days in a week, pick and drop facilities and other important facts during the interview itself. Nondisclosure of the same may lead to the candidate’s joining as well as immediate leaving. This only serves to waste the company’s time and resources.

Hiring the right candidate for the right job is undoubtedly a big responsibility for any recruitment manager. While a good hiring decision can go a long way toward taking the enterprise to the next level of success, poor selection can pose a serious threat to the company’s long-earned reputation.