Is the Future of Work – Labour Hire?

In recent years, the employment industry has undergone some significant changes across a range of businesses. From digital technology to changing patterns of employment, studies show the trends are changing. One of the major changes is the increased use of labour hire as an alternative to traditional employment contracts. Labour hire, in which recruitment agencies source skilled workers for project-based work, is increasingly being used by companies across a variety of industries.

With Australian businesses increasingly looking for flexible and adaptable employment options, labour hire is growing in popularity. So what benefits do labour hire employment solutions offer to both companies and employees over traditional employment structures?

A new way of looking at projects

Companies are looking for alternative solutions, finding full-time or contracted employees suitable for their business needs. This is particularly true for businesses which have an on and off peak season, or which projects ebb and flow, making them hard to predict.

For instance, a business may require a certain type of skilled labourer only for a specific time-period. With the help of a labour recruitment agency, a business can source a top worker, with minimal effort as the agency takes care of the entire recruitment process. With agencies taking care of all the administrative tasks as well, what company would love that process?

 Flexible Employment

Modern employees increasingly desire more flexible contracts based around a work/life balance. For many, they also work in fields that tend to be quite seasonal, with skilled workers finding it hard to secure work that gives them flexibility alongside stability. With project types, styles and lengths subject to great fluctuation, many workers simply cannot be employed by a single company. Labour hire presents an amazing for these workers. Instead of committing to one company, skilled workers can pick their jobs and projects. This gives them control over their employment throughout the entire year while being able to maintain the workload they prefer.


Regardless if labour hire is the future of the workforce, for both companies and employees looking for more flexibility, labour hire is the perfect solution. As both sides of the workforce become more accustomed to employment structured this way, the freedom enabled by labour-hire solutions suggests it may very well change the way we do business.

If you are considering how to structure your employment needs around projects, contact us to talk to a professional who can discuss your needs and start you on the path to a flexible workforce.