Three Lessons to Learn From Being Fired.

In today’s society, a personnel will change their job on average seven times, and at least one of those times it will not be by choice. Even if the process is cloaked in terms like ‘let go’ or ‘moving on’ the sting can still feel the same. No one can tell you that is not a painful experience, but later in life getting fired can be a true gift. People who get fired and learn their lessons can become doubly successful. One of the most famous examples is Steve Jobs, who was once let go from the Apple company. He learnt his lesson from the experience and founded the animation company Pixar before re-entering the Apple company and leading it to what it is today.

So, whatever the reason, here are some areas to learn from going forward.

Personal Lessons

One of the most important lessons is to separate you from your job. If you were fired for a mistake or faulty decision, the outcome does not necessarily reflect on you as a person. Instead take the time to reflect and allow yourself to discover vital lessons about your performance on the job. If there are areas where you did make a mistake or could have been more dedicated, understanding your role is an important step to moving forward.

Employer Lessons

Sometimes getting fired is a blessing as it may reveal areas where you were dissatisfied with your job. Use this opportunity to determine what worked with your former employer and what didn’t. Using these insights can help you tailor your job search in the future and avoid aspects of the previous workplace you didn’t like.

Goal Insights

Finally getting fired is the time to stop and reassess your career goals and pathway. It can also provide the opportunity to assess what really matters. What areas truly excited you and would you like to pursue in your future careers? Often people find themselves taking the chance to change things and realigning their career with what is most important in their life.

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