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Recruitment information

At First Personnel we work closely with our clients to fulfil their staffing needs. We employ consultants with industry specific knowledge to assist you in the recruiting and candidate selection process. We recruit for positions at all levels Including labourers, technicians, skilled trades, technical experts, and all levels of management.

First Personnel employs a variety of techniques to uncover the most suitable candidates available in the Australian job market. Our consultants have industry specific knowledge and contacts and associates throughout the nation to help them find candidates for positions that are difficult to fill.

Recruiting The Right Workers

Recruiting methods and techniques change quickly. Novel trends, that are touted as the latest recruiting innovations continually vie for our attention, whereas the important trends of yesterday often rapidly lose their lustre.

Our recruitment consultants, who are talent acquisition experts, understand which trends are essential for their specific industry of specialisation. In addition to contacts and associates throughout the nation who have industry specific knowledge we employ modern internet technology to further our recruiting reach.

    • Social Media

Our recruitment consultants make use of social media sites to improve their reach and locate qualified candidates. Sites such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, and even Facebook and Twitter are used to assist them in their talent acquisition endeavours.

    • Search Engine Optimisation

First Personnel utilises a variety of SEO techniques to drive qualified candidate to their web site where potential candidates can view positions of interest.

    • Use Of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology places additional recruiting leverage in our consultant’s hands and expedites the recruiting process.

    • Personal Touch

Although modern high tech recruiting techniques figure prominently in the modern recruiting process is it still the personal touch of our talent acquisition consultants the brings qualified recruits together with our interested corporate clients to seal the deal.

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