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Outsource The Labour Hire Process

Top Reasons to Outsource the Labour Hire Process

Many businesses are increasingly turning to labour hire companies to provide employees for projects. Companies in industries ranging from construction to retail are outsourcing the work associated with hiring and managing workers. So why are businesses increasingly looking to external sources for qualified labour? Here are a few of the reasons organisations are choosing to […]

Questions to Ask Labour Hire Company

Top Questions to Ask Your Labour Hire Company

Trusting someone else with your labour needs is always a little nerve-wracking. While there are many benefits to using labour hire employment, some risk is involved with any new business partnership. Hence the importance of choosing the right labour hire company from the options available here in Melbourne. In order to make an informed decision, […]

employment trends

2017 Employment Trends

As we move further into the year, it is becoming increasingly clear that employment patterns are changing. In the Melbourne Labour Hire market, there have been significant shifts towards non-traditional employment structure. Not only is workplace culture more dynamic, it is also becoming more individualised. These trends affect employment structures across the labour hire industry, […]


How to Conduct a Successful Interview – Steps For Employers

As a recruitment and labour hire agency, we help businesses through the initial vetting period. Our clients then make a final decision after one last interview with the shortlisted candidates. However much of the information on ‘how to’ get the most out of an interview is structured towards job seekers. Typically, a job interview should […]

Building The Right Company Culture

Building the Right Company Culture

We talked last week about how to retain key employees by focusing on different aspects of the business. Ultimately they were all based on developing a company culture that employees wanted to be part of. However, company culture is not as hard to build as many people initially think. At its most basic level, it […]

How to Keep Your Key Employees

How To Keep Your Key Employees

Employee Retention is one of those mythical subjects that is brought up when business owners get together. It is talked about alongside terms like employee culture and building opportunities, but when it comes down to the bottom line, what does that all mean? One of the main reason employee retention is so important, centres around […]

The Advantage of Flexible Workers

The Advantage of Flexible Workers

The changing face of employment is not just reflected in business structures. It is also changing how employees work. From employees who choose their own hours, to jobs with the potential to work from home or flexible full-time employment. While these are heralded as welcome benefits for employees, businesses might be hesitant at first glance. […]

Challenge of Technology for Job Seekers

The Challenge of Technology for Job Seekers

One of the biggest challenges for employees and job seekers is managing the role the internet plays in today’s modern hiring environment. If you have applied for a job, a hiring manager will frequently turn to the internet to discover more about you. Google and other search engines have revolutionised the employment industry by creating […]

what type of workers do you need

What type of workers do you need?

Workers come in all kinds of different employment options in today’s modern age. From short to long term employment, temporary and permanent contracts, there is an option to suit any business or person looking for work. Most businesses when it comes time to employ new workers often want to weigh up the differences between all […]

Interviewing tips – How to conduct a successful interview

Interviewing tips – How to conduct a successful interview

Interviewing is one of the most important parts of job searching, and it is clear there are several common questions it is important to answer correctly. In our experience, as both a labour hire and recruitment agency we find how our candidates answer these common questions can determine if they receive the position. With a […]

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