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Labour Hire Melbourne

Matching employers and employees with a labour hire or recruitment agency

When a perfect match occurs between an employee and an employer, it is an excellent thing. Unfortunately, it is also a rare occasion with most businesses needing to interview a large number of people, simply to find an okay fit. When using a labour hire recruitment agency, it significantly increases the possibility of achieving a […]

bigstock Hiring Recruiting Interview 116990186 150x150 - How Can Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies Simplify the HR Process

How Can Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies Simplify the HR Process

One of the tasks that take up most time of any HR Department is the recruitment process. Irrespective of whether it is one or multiple vacancies to be filled, the same laborious procedure has to be followed. Not only is this time consuming, it also is a drain on expenditure. For these reasons, many companies […]

labour hire

The Role of Labour Recruitment Agencies in the Hiring Process

Labour recruitment agencies play an important role in the hiring process. They are beneficial in different ways to two different clients – employers and job seekers. Agencies provided the link between these two parties saving time, resources and major expenses. For job seekers or those looking to change their career, labour recruitment agencies are blessing. […]

labour hire

The Need for Labour Hire Companies in any Business Environment

In today’s business environment, Labour hire companies play a crucial role. Businesses depend on them to provide their man power needs and manage the pay roll processing.  They are now often looked upon as an extension of the HR department. Organisations that facilitate hiring; act as a bridge between companies and job applicants. This can […]

How to Find a Job in Melbourne with Working Holiday Visa

How to Find a Job in Melbourne with Working Holiday Visa

Melbourne is not only the the graffiti and cafe capital of the world, it is also one of the top destinations that 20-somethings choose to do their working holiday. This beautiful and diverse city is filled with opportunities. A working holiday visa is granted to anyone from a pre-approved list of countries who is under […]

Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

In a world gone digital, it is important for professionals and companies alike to appreciate the importance of the online footprint. While killer resumes or outstanding company profiles can do wonders, social media is quickly becoming a go to resource to identify key players. So what are the benefits of having a profile set up? […]

How to Promote a Safe Workplace

Keeping your employees safe throughout the workplace is one of your main responsibilities as an employer. Regardless of if you are the manager of a small retail store or a senior warehouse operations manager, you need to keep on top of all health and safety concerns throughout the workplace. Promoting safe practices and educating your […]

The Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

Although you may feel as though an interview is all about an employer assessing the skills and fit of a potential employee, it is just as much about you assessing the position and the company as well. Asking questions in an interview may seem to be an odd concept to many, but it shows that […]

3 Tips to Help Offset Your Lack of Experience

One thing that stops many job hunters from applying to certain jobs is the extensive lists of required job experience presented in the advertisement. While it may seem that your lack of experience automatically takes you out of the running for many jobs, this is not necessarily the case. The list of required skills and […]

How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

Often the most stressful part of applying for jobs is getting through the interview phase. What can make this part of job seeking even more stressful is when you are put up against multiple applicants in a group interview. This technique is often used as a way for businesses to quickly sort out their applicants. […]

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