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First Personnel Nov Blog A min 150x150 - Select the Best Candidate with Behavioural Questions

Select the Best Candidate with Behavioural Questions

When it’s time to expand your workforce, selecting the best applicant for the job is never straight-forward. While some companies are choosing to stick with the tried-and-tested, traditional method of asking for a resume and a cover letter, others are getting applicants to go the extra mile to prove their suitability in a company. There […]

First Personnel Oct Post B 150x150 - Working Abroad? You’re Not Alone

Working Abroad? You’re Not Alone

Moving abroad to find work can be one of the most life-changing experiences you’ll have. Stepping on a place into the unknown with just a passport and a backpack takes some guts, but for most people, it’s a risk that pays off. That’s why more and more people in Melbourne and the rest of Australia […]

First Personnel Oct Post 1 150x150 - Tips for Graduates Looking for Work

Tips for Graduates Looking for Work

When you finish school, college or university, you’ll experience a feeling of freedom like no other. You have all of this free time and no classes to attend! Enjoy that feeling, because it doesn’t last long. Very soon, the realisation that it’s time to find a job will dawn on you. Finding your first job […]

First Personnel Sept post B 150x150 - What Industries Can Benefit Most from Labour Hire

What Industries Can Benefit Most from Labour Hire

Labour hire companies are a great option for almost all industries. With that said, there are some industries in particular which benefit the most from outsourcing to hiring and management services specialists. Industries that require a wide variety of qualified workers with unique skill sets can benefit from using a recruitment company. A company that […]

First Personnel Sept post A 150x150 - Labour Hire Agency vs Host Employer: Who Does What?

Labour Hire Agency vs Host Employer: Who Does What?

Bringing in outside labour is a great way for businesses to offload work associated with hiring and managing employees. A labour hire agency takes care of recruitment, selects workers for the job and sends them onsite to work on projects. When handled well, the process is straightforward and beneficial to all involved. Sometimes, however, questions […]

work environment in labour hire agency

Keep Employees Motivated All Year Round

When winter rolls around, the guaranteed spike in time-off requests inevitably comes with it. Whether your employees are being struck with the flu, or taking vacations to sunnier climates, you might notice there are considerably less hands on deck around this time of year. So how can you fight the winter lag? There are ways […]

Outsourcing labour hire process

Top Reasons to Outsource the Labour Hire Process

Many businesses are increasingly turning to labour hire companies to provide employees for projects. Companies in industries ranging from construction to retail are outsourcing the work associated with hiring and managing workers. So why are businesses increasingly looking to external sources for qualified labour? Here are a few of the reasons organisations are choosing to […]

employee hire melbourne

Top Questions to Ask Your Labour Hire Company

Trusting someone else with your labour needs is always a little nerve-wracking. While there are many benefits to using labour hire employment, some risk is involved with any new business partnership. Hence the importance of choosing the right labour hire company from the options available here in Melbourne. In order to make an informed decision, […]

employment trends

2017 Employment Trends

As we move further into the year, it is becoming increasingly clear that employment patterns are changing. In the Melbourne Labour Hire market, there have been significant shifts towards non-traditional employment structure. Not only is workplace culture more dynamic, it is also becoming more individualised. These trends affect employment structures across the labour hire industry, […]


How to Conduct a Successful Interview – Steps For Employers

As a recruitment and labour hire agency, we help businesses through the initial vetting period. Our clients then make a final decision after one last interview with the shortlisted candidates. However much of the information on ‘how to’ get the most out of an interview is structured towards job seekers. Typically, a job interview should […]

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