Christmas is coming! How to keep up with demand

Labour Hire Melbourne

The holiday season is the time to hire more staff and the best way to do that is to choose the services of a labour hire agency. Many companies and manufacturers in Melbourne do not get to close their doors during Christmas and New Year’s as it is one of the busiest times of the year. Labour hire companies simplify the hiring process for business organisations to handle the demand for stock and orders that increases as the year comes to a close.

Why You Should Consider Hiring More Staff During the Christmas Period

Whether you are in sales, customer service or manufacturing, your permanent employees prefer to go on holiday during the festive season. This mean that your employees will not work as much over Christmas time. If you only have a few workers left, they will be overworked because you are short-staffed.

This is when you should consider approaching a labour hire agency to solve your staffing needs. A competent labour hire company connects you with the staff that creates an instant bond with your current team.

When you connect with the right team, the overall mood of your workplace increases.

If your permanent employees work for longer hours, work nights, weekends and double shifts, the morale goes down fast. This can lead to burnout, frustrations, and stress.

That’s why choosing a labour hire agency that understands your company is crucial. Such an agency ensures that your team is happy to stay productive during the busy festive period. Hiring quality staff and labour can offer a quick fix for special projects, unexpected events, and long-term leaves.

5 Ways a Labour Hire Agency Helps You Get the Right Staff

Hiring for seasonal work is not easy. Why? Because the jobs are usually temporary and workers must report for work at a time they should be enjoying with friends and family. We are the best labour hire company in Melbourne and we will help by:

  • Starting the hiring process early: as a competent hiring agency, we start the hiring process early to help you stay ahead of the competitors. By hiring early, you get the well-prepared candidates who are ready for seasonal employment. The right workers simplify your organizational process.
  • Targeting a different audience: when hiring for the Christmas period, you should not consider your normal targets as they may not be the right fit for the job. You want a team that is flexible over this special time of the year. We will help you hire a team that understands the types of jobs associated with seasonal work.
  • Writing a clear job description: a clear job description works for any type of employment, seasonal or permanent. We will write a description that is clear by outlining the working hours, the available positions, and type of contract.
  • Use social media: the best candidates might be some of your loyal customers following you on social media. We use these platforms to reach out to them, interview them and hire them quickly.
  • Referrals from your current employees: your current team understands your company culture and can identify people who share the same attitude. We will scrutinise these people to make sure that they are the best fit for your company.

First Personnel is the best labour hire agency in Melbourne, we have a team that has the stellar experience to get you the right staff. We will quickly hire a competent team to not only avoid the last-minute Christmas rush but create a long-standing relationship with your organisation.