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  • testimonial2 - Gary Clarkson

    Hi, my name is Gary, and i have worked for first Personnel for 14 months on. I have been continually employed despite having no car. Brett and his team have gone the extra mile to make me welcome. If you are a good worker and really want a job I would recommend First Personnel over other Agencies

    Gary Clarkson
  • testimonial2 - Phil Ford

    I would like to thank First Personnel who got me employed again I was unemployed for a while. I was employed for 4 months when you let me go within 2 days I had an interview now going back to work.

    Phil Ford
  • testimonial2 - Alex Balantyne

    Cheers guys Excellent work as always!

    Alex Balantyne
  • testimonial2 - Kristin Ferris

    thanks guys your the bomb! i have gained so much knowledge about Kosher foods since i started. love all the people i work with and special thanks to Brett and Ash for the opportunity it is much appreciated.

    Kristin Ferris
  • testimonial2 - Tracy Flynn - Kojo & Audi Australia

    Hi Brett and Ash,

    I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you when you sent your invoice but I just wanted to say that you guys all did a wonderful job last weekend. Great drivers who were flexible and willing to work with us to get the job done.

    I would not hesitate in contacting your company again if the need came up.

    Appreciate you working it all out last minute and pulling it together in a professional manner.

    Kind regards

    Tracy Flynn

    Project Manager

    Tracy Flynn – Kojo & Audi Australia