Knowing when to hire

The success of many businesses lies in hiring the right employees. As many business owners can tell you, a good employee can drive the business forward and contribute to its success. Every business wants the best staff, ideally suited for the business culture and direction.

But finding that employee at the right time can be a tricky prospect. When is the right time to hire? An obvious time is when a previous staff member has left the business, in which case you need to find a replacement. In our years’ operating within the labour hire and employment industry, we have discovered there are 4 signs it’s time to look at new or additional employees.

Changing business structure

Many small businesses start out with a particular structure or employment system only to discover later that the process no longer works. Regardless of why, any major structural change will often create new positions with work tasks divided differently. Hiring during any major transition can also be an excellent way of making sure the business transforms in the right way, with the new hires not used to the old ways.

Expanding the business

An obvious sign it’s time to expand your staff is when your business starts expanding. As the business expands into more departments or additional branches and services, new positions are naturally created through the process. A business in the middle of expanding would be wise to considering investing in new staff to handle the different and expanding segments of the business.

A sluggish productivity

While many businesses would not first consider hiring new staff if productivity is slowing down, research has shown that the addition of new skilled workers can have a revitalising effect on a business. Whether the staff are to replace an inefficient turnover, or simply filling a gap, fresh eyes can note where things can be improved alongside structural alterations.

Problems in the workplace

Sometimes employees simply do not work out for a business, from changes in circumstances to a simple misalignment of business culture. For issues that cannot be work through, the best solution is to recruit different staff who are a better match for your company.

If any of these situations are applicable to your business, now is the time to contact us at First Personnel. We can help you with all your hiring requirements, with many years of experience in all matters of employment, from recruitment to labour hiring. We make hiring easy.